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Mumbai Property Market News: October Witnesses a 21% Surge in Property Registrations Amid Festive Season

In the heart of Mumbai’s real estate landscape, the month of October has unfolded as a testament to the sector’s resilience and prosperity. As the festive fervor of Navratri enveloped the city, property registrations surged by an impressive 21%, reaching 10,244 units. Official data from the Maharashtra Inspector General of Registrations and Stamps (IGR) reveals a corresponding 11% boost in revenue, totaling Rs 809 crore.

This blog delves into the dynamics of Mumbai’s real estate market, exploring the factors behind the festive season boom, projections from industry experts at Knight Frank India, regional highlights, and a comprehensive overview of the sector’s performance in the first 10 months of 2023. Join us as we unravel the success story that makes October 2023 the most remarkable in Mumbai’s real estate history over the past 11 years.

Mumbai Real Estate Registers a Festive Boost

As the festive spirit of Navratri set in, Mumbai’s real estate market experienced a notable surge in property registrations. According to the latest data from the Maharashtra Inspector General of Registrations and Stamps (IGR), October saw a 21% increase in property registrations, reaching a total of 10,244 units. The revenue generated during this period amounted to Rs 809 crore, marking an 11% rise compared to October 2022.

Festive Season Revenue Highlights

Navratri Sparks a 21% YoY Increase

During the Navratri period (October 15-23), Mumbai witnessed a remarkable spike in property registrations. The year-on-year comparison revealed a 21% increase, with registrations climbing from 8,422 in October last year to 10,244 this October. The revenue collections mirrored this growth, rising from Rs 723 crore in October 2022 to Rs 809 crore this year.

September Snapshot

Prior to October, Mumbai reported 10,694 property registrations in September, accompanied by a revenue of Rs 1,127 crore, as per government data.

Projections for October's End

Knight Frank India’s Insights

According to Knight Frank India, a leading real estate consultancy firm, projections for the end of October anticipate a total of 10,523 property registrations, contributing Rs 831 crore to the state government. This forecast implies a 25% increase in registrations and a 15% growth in revenue compared to the same month last year.

Residential Dominance and Emerging Trends

Property Distribution Overview

Knight Frank India’s report highlights that 80% of the overall registered properties consist of residential units, with the remaining 20% categorized as non-residential assets.

Festive Surge – A Milestone for Mumbai

The surge in October 2023 marks a significant milestone, making it the most successful October in the past 11 years. This success underscores the enduring robustness of Mumbai’s residential real estate sector, fueled by factors such as rising income levels and a positive attitude towards homeownership.

Homebuyers' Preferences and Regional Highlights

Preferred Micro Markets

In response to strong demand, the Central and Western suburbs of Mumbai have witnessed a surge in property launches. Around 74% of western suburb buyers and 81% of central suburb purchasers opt to purchase within their micro market, influenced by the familiarity of the location.

Economic Growth and Homebuyer Anticipation

Shishir Baijal, Chairman and Managing Director of Knight Frank India, emphasized that the Mumbai residential real estate market continues to demonstrate impressive resilience, consistently exceeding the threshold of 10,000 property transactions. He noted a shifting preference towards more spacious and upscale accommodations, reflecting the steady economic growth in the country.

2023 Performance Overview

In the first 10 months of 2023, the Mumbai real estate market reported a registration count of 104,832 units, contributing to a substantial revenue accumulation of Rs 9,221 crore for the state treasury. This achievement stands as the highest within the same timeframe since 2013, attributed to factors such as the registration of higher-value properties and an augmented stamp duty rate, according to the Knight Frank India report.


As we bring the curtain down on the bustling real estate narrative of Mumbai in 2023, the success witnessed in October stands as a resounding testament to the unwavering vigor of the city’s property market. The festive surge, marked by a substantial increase in property registrations and revenue, not only reflects the robustness of Mumbai’s residential sector but also mirrors the enduring trust of property purchasers. 

With projections pointing towards sustained growth and shifting preferences towards upscale accommodations, the real estate landscape in Mumbai remains a beacon of resilience. As the year progresses, the sector’s ability to consistently exceed milestones, coupled with the anticipation of a stable economic environment, sets the stage for promising opportunities and continued optimism. Mumbai’s real estate journey in 2023, highlighted in this blog, is not just a reflection of numbers but a celebration of the city’s unwavering spirit and the enduring love for homes that echoes through every transaction and registration.

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